About Us

About Us

What you can expect from Silber Sports Therapy.


We treat a wide range of sporting injuries using soft and deep tissue massage techniques. There are many causes of muscle tension and deep tissue massage is a pain reliving efficient way of eliminating those stresses and aches.

 Back & Neck Pain


Strains from lifting and bending are common, massage can relieve stress and tension from the back and neck resulting in a feeling of release.

 Work Related Injuries


Poor posture from office related jobs or strains from jobs that require lifting can all be helped with massage, tensions in the neck and back due to poor posture can be loosened resulting in greater range of movement and relief.

 Ankle & Wrist Pain


Tightness and trapped nerves can occur at these places, techniques used by us can really help restore normal functions in these areas.



Usually due to a lack of streching pre or post event, massage can help relax or stimulate the muscles in preparation for a match or immediately after. Stretches and how to perform them safely will also be advised upon appointment.

 Sports Injuries


A whole host of injuries can occur from playing sports, deep and soft tissue massage can really speed up the recovery process getting you back on the field feeling a lot better much quicker.


 General maintainance 

You may be a regular gym user, or fitness fanatic, we all get a little tense and tight sometimes, a general maitainance massage will work on any tightness accrued through day to day life or exercise.


About me


Im Joe and I founded SST in 2019 after qualifying as a sports massage therapist. Ive had a passion in injury recovery from a young age due to constant knee issues growing up. Ive seen countless professionals over the years and decided this was the path I wanted to take in my career, helping others.

I now work in a chiropractor clinic and a sports injury clinic full time, I enjoy seeing real progression in my patients recovery process and it continues to motivate me every day.

Offering mobile sessions has enabled me to meet some really inspirational people and im extremely grateful for the oppurtunities ive recieved since starting my business. 

Massage is often seen as a luxury service and can often be out of affordability to maintain regularly. My massage sessions are sport/deep tissue based meaning they have real health benefits and are not the luxury spa type treatment many of us expect meaning they are also affordable. I believe its extremely important to help our bodies recover in natural and beneficial ways without being out of pocket.